Hennepin County Minnesota

Insurance Investigations

Sentry Investigations provides complete insurance investigation services for Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding suburbs. Investigations include personal injury, disability claims, document falsification and fraud, worker accidents and worker's compensation claims, welfare and lifestyle checks, and many others. 


Government Investigations

Sentry Investigations offers a full range of government investigative services in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding suburbs. These services include civil process,  surveillance, interviewing of witnesses, locating of individuals, and background checks. 

Corporate Investigations

Sentry Investigations serves Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding suburbs with a broad assortment of corporate investigations services. These services include background checks, harassment investigations, trade secret and intellectual property investigations, corporate espionage, and other various internal business matters and compliance investigations. 


Domestic Investigations

Sentry Investigations  provides comprehensive domestic investigation services in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding suburbs. These domestic investigations services include surveillance, general and nanny background checks, parenting investigations, child custody investigations, infidelity and divorce investigations, and investigations aimed at locating missing friends and relatives.


Financial Investigations

Sentry Investigations provides a wide range of financial investigations in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding suburbs. Our experienced staff includes a CPA certified investigator and offers services that include embezzlement investigation, fraud prevention and detection, forensic accounting, tax investigation, and other related financial matters.